9 oz Sunkissed Massage Oil Candle (Citrus + Clean Powder + Musk)


This is made for the skin....

Body Candle Fragrance Notes
Top - Petitgrain, Orange, Grapefruit
Middle - Cotton Blossom, Coconut
Base - Musk, Wood, Powder

Tired of the same ol' spark? Say no more! This is a candle that doubles as a slightly warm oil treatment for your body, used for fun partner play or endulgent self-care. The rich, skin enhancing oils and butters + research-backed skin softeners + plant based vitamins are packed in each candle to melt down to your new favorite skin protectant in a variety of luxurious scents.  

Hand-poured with love in California. These rich and luxurious non-greasy All Natural Body Oil Candles are perfect for an after shower hydrating experience, or for a night bae won't forget.


Burn candle safely until enough oils pool, usually 30 minutes. Oil will be just warm enough to enhance the experience and skin ready for pouring. The first burn should be longer to keep the candle burning evenly to train your candle. Use on skin, hair with extra care to dry spots. Clip wick to 1/4" on next use. Its also okay to use without the oil being fully melted, using the warmth of your skin to head the butters. 


Vegan and Cruelty free, Phthalate Free, 100% Organic Soy, Shea Butter, Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, Essential Fragrance Oil. 4oz.

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