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Design without limits, creativity guaranteed. Creating spaces worth celebrating.

All Natural Body Oil Candles

A luxurious pourable experience. Simply light, pour, and enjoy for self, play, or both. Stay moisturized. 


Hey babe. It's safe here, let's talk. There is a reason you are here.


With a "for the culture" mentality and a completely client-focused approach, The Nappy Bohemian makes it a habit to truly design a lifestyle worth living. Whether this be through interior design, or through luxurious quality products for the home and skin, we are here for you. It takes a lot to be you. I get that. I got you.


My creative background reflects design, interior architecture, project management, art and sustainability. I spoil clients with both virtual e-design and in-person services as well as luxury, handmade products for the home and self. 


I have developed a reputation in our community and beyond for creating beautiful and functional spaces and quality products with the whole person in mind. Contact me today to learn more about how you can win with me, I'd love to have you.  

Bay (Bae) Area born and raised. Helping clients all over!

...I'm really vibing out after a rough day and i'm REALLY enjoying my space! It always lifts my mood! THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your gift!

-Tamika, NC


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