Our Massage Oil Candles Understand Each Assignment

Our Organic Raw Shea Butter based Massage Oil Candles speak for themselves. We delicately blended a rich body butter into a candle form for the massaging, self-care, and partner fun experience of a lifetime. A total game changer. Bye lotion, we don't need you anymore.

Massage Oil Candles
  • Virtual Interior Design

    Need to take all the guesswork out of designing your space? We create the most beautiful spaces with ease so you don't have to, all virtually.

  • Full Service Interior Design

    Come to your office or home with a full revamp, finally able to enjoy the spaces you spend so much time in.

  • 1hr Video Calls

    Perfect for those that just needs to phone a friend We got you! Get your ideas instantly.

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9 oz Warm Flame Massage Oil Candle (Citrus Vanilla)9 oz Warm Flame Massage Oil Candle (Citrus Vanilla)