Why Your Home Could Be Feeding Your Anxiety - Protecting Your Peace

Why Your Home Could Be Feeding Your Anxiety - Protecting Your Peace

Interior Design, sounds fancy right? What if I say, interior vibe or living room goals, what does that mean for you? Do you get more of a visual or a feeling than just referencing Interior Design? If I walked into your home, what would your interior vibe say about you? Okay ready for the truth? Keep reading…

In 2010, I had my baby girl. I was living in the same apartment that I am now, only shit was REAL different. I had a couch and a bed and a TV, the dressers and such and such, and all the other things I thought made up my home, but I also had HELLA clutter. Nothing I purchased (ever) was because it made sense, it was purchased because we just needed a table to eat on, a bed to sleep on, and so forth. I picked things I liked though, but when I brought them home things just looked more and more cluttered and weird together. All surfaces had pictures, trinkets, fake plants etc, but I just didn’t have enough storage and thought (at-least from what I thought). Clothes never got folded, my vacuum and anything with a plug lived in the living room, and my tables became landing spots for anything in pockets, purses, and backpacks. Sound familiar?!? I was too tired to even start on what I should do.

Let me tell you, with a little help I SWEAR IT GETS BETTER! I never invited anyone over, and had full panic attacks at the thought of a surprise visit from ANYONE. My vibe was a no! I’d work all day, stress over new mom duties, blame everything on my man, and never felt I could relax. My environment did NOT make me feel good, period. The anxieties of the world intensified, and something had to change.

Over the years, I studied Architecture, religions of the world, interior design, and the Black Diaspora. I became infatuated with changing my environment to bring me peace. That’s what Interior Design is about for me. The more I learned about what intention and attention to my environment meant, I thrived mentally. The closet space I thought I didn’t have? I really just needed to donate shit, like really holding on to things because I thought the amount of things I owned meant I was doing better. Read that AGAIN. I thought that acquiring items completed me, and that if I let things go (even if it was broken or didn’t fit) I’d somehow be more behind in life. I also didn’t want to buy things for my home, because I had too much already.

My process including a LOT of using what I have, remixing, painting, DIY, etc, but most importantly being honest about what I needed. What if I told you that an interior designer would do that for you. What if I also told you it was NOT expensive? My dream is to make each client tear up at the idea of changing their world through their living conditions, no matter the budget. I want Interior Design to be my superhero.