Holiday Cuddle Weather Wishlist - 9 Must-Haves for Keeping it Sexy this Winter.

Holiday Cuddle Weather Wishlist - 9 Must-Haves for Keeping it Sexy this Winter.

It's that time of year again where all the meme's (besides the presidential election) lead towards warm coffee drinks, updated cozy decor and booty rubs. This year, my gift giving will be filled with all the vibes you need to create sensual experiences all winter long. Heavy on the small businesses by BIPOC :)

2. @Blue.Reign Vegan Leather Lingerie. Here's the thing, everyone feels sexy in whatever they consider to be sexually comfortable. Im a bit of a rebel, and this one here is definitely my lane. It's nice when you can hide something under your day clothes, knowing there is a cute lil' leather treat hiding right underneath. These are handmade just for you from London, so get on it now in time for Xmas. (

3. @Puffallin Premium Cigar Leaf. I'm very sensitive to what I put in my body so i'm also researching the safest way to enjoy a rolled relaxation stick. Im a hemp paper kind of girl, but babe is all about the Leaf. Ensuring quality and a slow burn, these will have you begging your local stores to carry them. They are very transparent about the "farm to rolling table" experience, and i'm all for it. ( - Starting at $10)

4. @LeeRickeyCollection Mens Luxury Clothing. This is something for the fellas. There is no games played with this one. They are also in California pushing the line on traditional mens wear. Some of this is outside ready, but there is some silky smooth shit ready for a nightcap that had to make the list. Ever see a sexy NBA player in silk night garment? Its very well could be Lee Rickey. ( - Starting at $45)

5. @_54kibo Textiles. I've been literally obsessed with this brands decor for a while now, only to recently find out that they had textiles, and i'm all over it. This year, i'm focusing on bedding and throws to elevate my bedroom experience. That's why cozying up to an Ethiopian throw blanket is the real winner. ( - $155)

6. @TheHairPillow - Let's be real, to take the bonnet off or not? There is nothing worse than messing up a fresh hairstyle, no matter how it happens. The Hair Pillow is shaped in a way to prevent hair compression. Can't wait to try this one! ( - $75)

7. @BoujeeFitShapeWear - shape wear for all tones and sizes. Talk about making things for real women, Boujee Fit Shape Wear blends the perfect balance of confidence and sexy that can easily transition to reshaping sexy lingerie. They are making it happen for all, with a wide range of shapes, colors and sizes for every single body type. Can you say nude for real!? ( - Starting at $23)

8. @Rufescentlips Red Lips - The deep red lip is my absolute go to, day time to night cap. I seriously will wear the same shade everyday if it works for me. It goes really well with my skin, and a set of lashes plus a flawless brow are my only trio I feel I need to keep it sexy. They do not advertise as being the well-behaved brand, and i'm all over it. ( - Starting at $20)

9. @OUIthepeople hair removal - This brand is taking hair removal to a whole other boss shit level. I won't share what I do and don't remove, but I will say they have all the goods to keep it cute and clean no matter what your preferences are. They have us on the sensitive skin, plus the ingrown hair prevention. They even have a gold razor, and what woman wouldn't need something like that in their life. I've heard so many good things about this brand, i'm ready ready! ( - Starting at $7)

Shop like you care this season, we've got work to do :) OH, and be sure to subscribe to for the deals!