6 MUST haves for your Modern Bohemian Living Room

6 MUST haves for your Modern Bohemian Living Room




Do you ever feel like with Interior Design, you know what you like when you see it, but not know how to do it yourself? Enjoy clean looks and glam spaces but still appreciate color, pattern, and boho goodness? Modern Bohemian design just might be your style! Modern Bohemian Interior Design is a great example of two different styles that come together to complement one another. It is fun, creative and bold, yet sophisticated, calming and clean. The style has a creative touch that brings in bright colors, culture, and pattern while feeling balanced by sleek lines, solid colors with minimalist decor. 



Here’s 6 MUST haves for your Modern Bohemian Living Room:

  1. Solid Base Color on the walls is a great place to start. Paint packs the first punch when decorating the room. You can accent one wall, or go bold with 4 walls + the ceiling. When pairing an accent wall,  white walls are an Interior Design favorite because they help bring out the other colors while making the room brighter, cleaner and more spacious.  

  1. Geometric Rugs. What is a bohemian room without pattern and texture? Rugs ground the space, and help bring all the elements together. Go big on pattern and color, or smooth is out with neutral tones and natural materials. Grab one or layer them up depending on how minimal or bohemian you would like the room to lean. Add a little shag to it to bring comfort to the space or opt for straight lines or geometric prints to add that modern vibe to it. Every room needs culture and attitude. African or Aztec designs are stables for bohemian design styles. 

  1.  Glass Coffee Table and Low Profile Furniture allows the room to breathe and allows balance for patterns and textures of the room. Don’t be afraid to have a subtle mix of both straight and curved lined furniture. Opt for options with minimal legs to keep things from crowding the floor space. 

  1. Plants are my absolute favorite element to add to a modern bohemian room. It is an earthy and a calming accent to have sitting on the coffee table, by the fireplace or hanging from the ceiling. Plants can help clear our mind and remind us of nature. It can also bring highly desired jungle vibes to your spaces. Plants are known to filter the air as well. Don’t have a green thumb or good lighting? Use GOOD QUALITY faux plants and plant artwork instead.

  1. Gold exhibits elegance trickled down from Ancient Kings and Queens. Having a touch of gold in the room makes it feel stable, and appreciated. Feel free to play with metal finishes to explore. You can add gold flower pots, gold trim around the coffee table, or even paint the inside of your picture frames gold for an upscale detail. 

  1. Rattan brings the 1960's back into the room, done in more modern ways. If you like bohemian design you most likely appreciate  culture, naturalism, art and creativity. Rattan adds handmade quality in a neutral palette that can be used to layer texture in a modern bohemian room. 

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Written by Haley Zandstra