In Case You Missed It - Global Decor and the African Diaspora is Trending in Interior Design! 10 Interior Design Instagram posts celebrating the Black Experience!

April 29, 2019

Like you, I follow all the events I wish I could pack my bags and fly out to, via social media (I know this isn't just me!? Talk about FOMO!). Over the seasons, keeping a close eye on what's happening in Interior Design is the way to do business. Not because we want to copy anything, but because trends recognize trends (queue "gang recognize gang, inna bang bang" melody).


One HUGE interior design trend of 2019 (that spilled over from 2018) right now is embracing a more global-organic, yet moody interior space created and recreated in interior design in the most beautiful ways. Luscious pops of color, rich texture, African patterns, authentic Motherland photography, and mixed metals are all up and down my IG stories. From high end vendors to Pinterest interior design hacks, i'm all for it too! I get a bit worried though. Like all trends, they die off to be put in the "that's hella old, what's next" pile. This particular interior design style is a reflection of my own culture and personal way of styling, so I don't think I'd be ready for that. Can it just be here to stay? Here's 7 Interior Design posts that reflect the Black Experience, curated beautifully! 








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