Easy Apartment Kitchen Upgrades that won't Kill your Deposit

January 8, 2019

Okay, here's the thing. Being in a rental unit, and also having the design bug is not an easy combo at first glance. "Don't do this, don't do that", blah blah blah. I've been living in my same cozy apartment with my Husband (hey Zaddy!) and kids for the last 10 years. The only way I survive is to always be looking to refresh and rejuvenate. That includes de-cluttering (hey #minimalist and #tidyingupwithMarieKondo babes), painting, and rearranging my ass off. 


Now for the kitchen. Currently, my last paint job was forced do to a really small (ahem, not small at all guys) kitchen fire. Luckily, I was JUST falling in love with gray and blues and just HAPPENED to have a couple gallons stored up. I have a U shaped kitchen, so upon walking in you see a wall. I call this my accent wall. Which leads me to the first tip on upgrading your rental unit.


Step One






Most landlords don't want you to paint honestly. The catch is, you paint it back! I have a large property management company, and my apartment manager is not a booty-hole. I get away with it. Tackle a wall, any wall! Just test it and live with it first, and don't skip the tape to ensure your lines are crispy. 


Step Two 


Credit: Most Lovely Things 




Hide the Linoleum


Home Depot has material to create your own faux hardwood that just clicks together. You will want to measure your floors, and then have the proper cutting tools to cut your perimeters. Its an affordable upgrade (like, a $50 job potentially) and it looks great! Make sure you consider how the floor will transition to the carpet or flooring. Theres a metal thing you can get for that area. 


Step Three


Credit: House & Home, Michael Graydon, & Sarah Hartill 

Faux Tile


This is assuming you don't have a tile backsplash already. Faux tile comes in all shapes in sizes. The most temporary tile options  being peel and stick tile, temporary wallpaper, metal (eww, don't do that), and even Sharpie and Washi Tape. People get real creative. I personally have been into the faux backplash wallpaper idea (so that I can do something afrocentric or modern bohemian). I also am the plug on handmade tile (represent!), so I've considered putting up real tile using Velcro! Tile saw necessary though. 


Step Four


Credit : stylebyemilyhenderson.com




My apartment came equipped with the most ornate, ugly little handles. Ugh. You know those come off right? Save them so you can replace them when you leave, but change them! Pay attention to the styles that you gravitate too in kitchens on Pinterest and Instagram, and get those! Amazon Prime and me have a REAL problem. 



Step Five


Credit:  BahatiArtisanDecor via Etsy


Rugs, Tea Towels, and More! 


This is for the easy interchangeable stuff. This can be seasonal. You can fall in love with something and come new as much as your little designing heart permits. Play with layers, patterns, texture, and more to add your personal decorating style to your rental kitchen. Super no commitment. 


Need more tips?


Send me a note! Let me know what you think, and what you do to make your rental unit unique! 






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