HOW TO: Using Art to Create Your Color Scheme

November 14, 2018

Okay. Think Back. We have all seen a piece of art that we really were feeling feeling, like in the core of our soul, and couldn't quite figure out why. Maybe it was the artist we loved or the memories it brought up, but always making you feel a certain way. It's important when planning your interior design project to consider how you want your space to feel, and using art as design inspiration is a super easy way to do that. Do you want your new bedroom to pull you in and excite you? Do you want your living room to provide peace and tranquility? Use art as a brainstorming technique. Here's how: 



Find the art. You don't have to own the art right away for it to serve as inspo, but acquiring it eventually would still be a good idea. Remember to find out about the artist! Like I forgot to do (BRUH) when I fell in love with this beauty at the Soma Arts, The Black Women Is God Exhibit. 







Key in on the colors. The artist did the hard stuff for you, making your interior goals easy to reach. From there, choose your colors. Its doesn't have to be all of them either if you aren't feeling really Boho-Eclectic. The art you choose might force you to pair down. You can still introduce the others sparingly, so don't trip. 





Put together visuals. Use Pinterest, old school magazine cutouts, or some sort of free virtual mood board to pull your materials all together to see how things look. Thats my favorite part, have you seen the things I post on The Nappy Bohemian Instagram? DUH. Heads up, this part could cause a little struggle. How much of what color to use? What looks good with what. Don't trip. Play with it until it feels right. Try to recreate the feeling you get from the art. 







EXECUTE! Or, ill do that for you. Seriously. Don't be that "never finished-er", I got you! Reach out today for a free consultation! 




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