5 Easy Steps To Modern Bohemian Design

May 24, 2018

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You can't miss it. Its a full blown takeover in the Interior Design world. Modern Bohemian is here to stay, but what is Modern Bohemian? Why does it work so well? Don't worry, i'll give you 5 easy secrets to locking the Modern Bohemian look that I love so dearly on your own. Also check out Pinterest to spotlight my favorite design style, and hopefully inspire the design junkies out there. 


Step 1: Plants. I mean, get real crazy about this one. Name them if you have to. Lust over plants, and imagine ways to add more all the time. If you kill them, keep trying. Your brown thumb will be kind of yellow green before you know it. This is a good time to also look at planters and pots. This is most important to the design for me. Bringing a bit of the environment in adds to the naturalist aspect of this design style. Go green. 


Step 2: Pattern and Texture. Here is a no rules area. This is where vibrant comes in. It seems safer to want to layer more solid colors to balance pattern, but this isn't what bohemianism is about. You will need to layer patterns with rugs, mud cloths, pillows, art, and textiles. Its fine to play around with it too. Put a rug on the wall. Mix an African print pillow with your favorite pillow with the colorful owls on it. Remember, there is no wrong way to do it. This style is about having a space you can live in thats energetic and alive, not an untouchable gallery. Don't forget to anchor with white if you need to to keep things light and air filled.


Step 3: Art and Statement Pieces. Various wall art and statement pieces are a major key in Modern Bohemian design. Don't rush to get everything in one store either. Be unique about it. Thrifting is a bohemians best friend because you find pieces that have a story without breaking the bank. You can use a combo of various textures, metals, natural materials and patterns here too. In my favorite area of my home (living room, duh) I have a gold mini elephant next to a lush rubber tree plant in a marbled ceramic planter, that all sits on top of a Moroccan hand-painted tile. Layer me baby! 


Step 4: Color: When designing, I try not to match as much, but more so marry ideas. If I find something beige and then find something blue, Im not just looking for blue and beige. I will use those colors often and more in various tones and patterns, making things look most intentional. This is most popularly achieved with art, rugs, pillows, and poofs in the Modern Bohemian home. Eclectic and tasteful. Do both. 


Step 5: Global: Fill out that passport, or pretend you did. Either way, bringing design styles and trends from all over the world not only will be appreciated by your guests on Taco Tuesdays at your house, but also make you appreciate that the world is yours, and you can wander and reinvent the wheel all you need. Express freedom in this design style. I like a mix of african art, mojave textiles, and pieces that remind me of Oakland Ca. 


Need more? Don't have time to do it on your own? Contact me directly for a interior design free consultation!


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