Surviving the Holidays, Clutter Free with Ikea Kallax!

December 28, 2017




Every year, I look at those dang wrapped gifts and think, were are we going to put all this stuff? I tend to do a pre-holiday purge which helps. After a whole new cycle of gifts and clothes, I still struggle with where to put everything. I have an 8 year old crafter daughter, and a 2 year old car-o-holic son. Both hold on for dear life to the toys and crafts they hoard, and with our small Oakland/Lake Merritt apartment, it just doesn't mix. I work too hard not to come home to clarity. Ya'll agree?


Now, every lady has a favorite store. For me, its IKEA!! Especially during a winter sale! You mean I get to go through a maze of life size doll houses, all at affordable prices, AND get a $1.50 slice of pizza at the end!? Yassss, Im all for it! An interior decorators dream! 


Anyways, I few months ago my de-clutter buddy turned me on to the Kallax systems at Ikea (PS, they aren't paying me to say this either, but if you know them tell them I said hey).  I've used it in the living room as a TV console, and also a much larger set up to divide sleeping quarters all while providing excellent storage solutions. Practical, stylish, and functional. I personally use a 5x5, meaning 5 rows across, and 5 rows down, of 13" square cubes. You don't have to put the 13" inserts in all the cubes either! There are high gloss doors, fabric cubes, baskets etc to make it your own. Ive used the 5 lower ones for toys, then clothes in the next 2, and decor, plants and linens at the top. You will get more of this with our bedroom revamp reveal!


Im not the only one using these, check it out. Its a real thing. People get real crafty, adding lights, plants, legs, and finding cool ways to stack and customize the various size options. 


Now if you look around your place, and realize every item doesn't have a designated place that looks good but functional, make a change! You deserve that harmony. Let us find you these solutions and many more! Contact The Nappy Bohemian today! 






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