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The Nappy Bohemian

Virtual Room Design

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Let's face it. You can do it yourself, but you haven't been able to. There is a space (or spaces) that make you feel some type of way, and we don't like that. It cramps your style, your mood, and even your selfie backgrounds, and we are here to fix all of it. 

This is a self-care focused service, just for you. We will work together to expertly curate the space of your dreams, with your budget and needs in mind. This is perfect for the go-getter spirit, who believes in themselves with proper direction. Did I mention its easy and more affordable than full service design?

Step 1. Book. Share pics. Video Chat date.

Step 2. Measure your space, gather (things you want to keep) and purge (things that don't serve you well)

Step 3. Receive the space of your dreams with a full shopping list, 3D rendering, and instructions to make it happen. tag #thenappybohemian and your exclusive #projectname so we can follow along :)